Discover the most exhilirating outdoor game in ibiza! A new entertaining game of combat simulation, appropriate for both young and old, it is so authentic and realistic that it has become one of the most rapidly growing games worldwide.

¿What is laser combat?


Its a new game, based on the same principales of paintball, that people of any age can take part in. It involves using the latest technology, the same as that used in millitary trainning bases. Based on a harmless infrared light,  you do not need to wear any sort of protection. It is ideal for birthday parties, stag does, etc.

¿How do you play?

Its a very easy game to play, we give you a mission and difficulty level depending on the age of the participants. You aim at the red light that your oppenents have on there heads to use up there lives.

You will be able to hear the shooting, the shouts of when some one has been shot, and you will also see lights on your oppenent head light up when their lives run out.

Each and every gun has a little screen showing how many times you have been shot, the amount of lives you have left and lives lost. All of this is controlled through radio frequency which registers each movement, and at the end of your game will be given the results of your game.

When you shoot your oppenent, you will hear a scream through the speaker telling him he has been shoot, if time is up or you loose all your lifes the screen will automatically close down.

Strategies, tricks... Work with your team to win the battle and obtain your objective. You wiil think that you are in a real life situation while being in the fun outdoors excercising and having the time of your life. The equitment is easy to manage and weighs very little, they can be used by kids 8 years and over.

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